Heatherwood Hospital Radio Service
( Radio Heatherwood )

Six Decades of Stories

Forty Years of Hospital Radio Broadcasting


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The hospital radio service stopped broadcasting in December 2016.

After forty years of funding by the League of friends,
Frimley Health Trust did not renew the lease for the league's radio station premises,
therefore providing us with no choice but to close the hospital radio.

Radio Heatherwood ceased broadcasting on 3rd December 2016 at 10AM

Gone But Not Forgotten

Some of the stories that shaped our history


Radio Heritage
Bill Berry Opening Day 1976

1960's into 1970's

The early beginnings of radio Heatherwood can be traced back to 1969 when one man decided to play records to the patients of Heatherwood. Bill Berry the then works foreman at Heatherwood used his own records and with a turntable and mike would play requests to patients from a room in the old admin block. Bill was providing a record request program to the general wards on a Tuesday evening for two hours.

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Radio Heritage
1985 Promotion Board Designed For Fete Use


In February the first magazine of the work of the League of Friends radio service was produced. A quantity of booklets were printed along with a cheque of £100 for Radio Heatherwood was received. In fact two versions of the booklet were published this year with the second edition being released in September.

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Radio Heritage
1990 Second Studio Opening Press Report


Radio Heatherwood begins a new once a month broadcast on a Sunday: following the success of the twelve hour marathon; which was held on a Sunday. 1st Sunday of April launches the new Sunday service.

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Radio Heritage
Rhapsody Bear Promoting 30th Birthday

2000's to 2016

The year 2000 was a busy year for the station engineer and manager as the impending move of the radio station would be upon us, this was generating a lot of work at home and also at the studio's.

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Radio History Archives

Our music played reflected the age of our listeners, music requests was the main stay of the radio service.

Shown here,What's Playing how the music was displayed on our internet & Wi-fi radio streams.

The volunteers who passed through our doors contributed to the success of the hospital radio service.

In tribute to them and all the local companies and charities who supported the service, this web site is their story
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